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Global Fortune 500 marketers and consumer and shopper insight leaders hire Hotspex to help them build distinctive and purpose driven brands that are relevant in a quickly changing world.

1. Shopper Attitudes, Behaviours & Category Dynamics

We can help you answer “Are shoppers migrating from one channel to the other (e.g. mass, discount, grocery, online) and what are the underlying attitudes and motivations driving this behaviour?”

2. Segmentation and U&A's

“Who” are our consumers, “how” do they behave within the context of a buying situation, and “what” are the underlying attitudes and motivations driving that behavior?

3. Brand Identity & Distinctive Assets

Aside from your most distinctive assets, we can help you determine which brand cues you should develop further, which brand elements you should remove, and how you should use them together across packaging and advertising.

4. Brand Health, Tracking, and Operating Systems

We help insight leaders replace expensive and inflexible tracking with behavioral science driven, forward looking, and actionable brand operating systems that drive growth and save money.

At Hotspex, Innovating Is What We Do Best.

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Hotspex has been voted a top global insights innovator seven years in a row.
(2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

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