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#15 on the list of most innovative global
research companies

We partner with our clients to pilot and deploy innovative new solutions to uncover insight that drives growth and long-term brand equity.

15 of the top 20 global advertisers work with

Global organizations use our platform because it allows them to harness insights to create growth, but also ensure that every touch point is consistently reinforcing their brand promise.

15 years, 25 countries,
60 HotStaff

We’ve come a long way in our 15 year history. We are now helping brands crack growth challenges in over 25 countries. We have 60+ amazing members of our Hotspex family, but you’ll learn more about them in our People section.

Our Platform

Growth through Segmenting & Targeting

How do I create segments that go beyond traditional needs states by identifying functional and emotional drivers of behaviour and ensure that my organization understands these consumer segments in their activation?

Growth through Brand Strategy

What are the functional, emotional, and personality attributes that will optimize my brand’s growth in a globally scalable way? How can I align my brand architecture and brand assets to support optimal growth?

Growth through Remarkable Ideas and Brand Activation

How do I identify and prioritize new consumer and communication targets, product innovations, and in-store activations earlier in the creative process to save non-productive marketing dollars and get these ideas into market sooner?


Growth of Brand Equity through Relentless Consistent Touch Points

How can we align all of our internal stakeholders and external agencies to consistent brand execution across omni-channel touch points, so that we build brand equity while growing our business?

Tell us about your challenge

What makes us different

  1. We help you empathize with your consumer on a much deeper level.
  2. We can dissect your brand and its assets to really understand what is driving or inhibiting growth.
  3. We help you earlier in the creative or design process to improve and fast track remarkable ideas.
  4. We engage your internal stakeholders and external agencies on learning journeys that go beyond testing and validation.
  5. We help you, your marketers, and your agencies ensure that every new idea or touch point is consistently executed against your brand promise.

Depth. Granularity. Specificity. Sensitivity…

Smart Decisions. Grow your Business. Build Long-Term Brand Equity.

Need to find out how to turn your brand around?

Changing your packaging? Have you identified your iconic assets?

What if you could identify remarkable ideas well before production?

Who's thinking long-term for your brand?

Tell us about your challenge


"I really think what you do with emotion is unique. Other companies say they measure emotions, but they only touch on it. They don’t have a deep understanding of emotions and what to do about it like Hotspex does."

Insights Director, Leading Global CPG company

The Team

We call our family of 60+ amazing people our HotStaff.

We asked our HotStaff for the top 3 reasons they work here:

  1. You get to work with TOP global brand and work on really cool projects
  2. Incredible opportunity to grow and develop – we work hard
  3. We are a family and we have lots of fun (in a kind of nerdy way)
Ashley Robson

Ashley Robson

AVP, Research
Jonathan La Greca

Jonathan La Greca

VP Strategic Growth & Innovation
Michael Dorr

Michael Dorr

SVP, Research
Eduardo Infante

Eduardo Infante

VP Research, Mexico & Latin America
Toby Pilling

Toby Pilling

VP, technology
Kamala Allsop

Kamala Allsop

Gera Nevolovich

Gera Nevolovich

SVP Growth, Sales & Marketing
Kristina Dadswell

Kristina Dadswell

VP, Research
Robert Laufer

Robert Laufer

SVP, Research
Joe Spencer

Joe Spencer

AVP, Innovation & Research Solutions
Luke Austin

Luke Austin

SVP Research, North America
Shane Skillen

Shane Skillen

Average # of cups of coffee our staff consumes a day
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# of countries we've conducted studies for this year
# of years Hotspex has been around!

Recent News

Michael Dorr SVP Hotspex presents at the 2016 MRIA conference in Montreal.

Danger Ahead.. or is it Opportunity?


We’re so proud to have had our Senior Vice President Michael Dorr deliver an insightful presentation on disruption in the market research industry at the 2016 MRIA Annual Conference last week in Montréal.  Thank you to the MRIA for being such gracious hosts and thank you to everyone who attended our session on the disruptions that our industry is facing.

View Michael Dorr’s Presentation “Danger Ahead… or is it Opportunity?”
If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the challenges and changes facing market research in 2016 and beyond you can contact Michael Dorr at Michael.Dorr@hotspex.com, or on Twitter @MichaelJDorr.

Or to discover how your brand can grow in 2016 and beyond contact Hotspex

Hotspex on LinkedIn

Authors: Michael Dorr



‘One Brand’ to Rule Them All

Coca-Cola makes its biggest gamble since New Coke

By now you have heard about Coca-Cola’s big bet on a global packaging change to reinforce its ‘One Brand’ strategy. Hotspex evaluated Coca-Cola and Pepsi brand assets among 1,800 US consumers and interviewed CPG experts for perspective.

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Analysis of an American Icon

How do you exude authenticity, while at the same time selling $2.5 billion worth of product a year? This is the question Anheuser-Busch InBev is hoping to answer this spring with the rebrand of Budweiser and Bud Light.

Let’s take an in depth look into the rebranding of an American icon.

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GRIT Innovation Survey 2016

Whether you believe the market research industry is going to be ‘Uberified’ or not, innovation is critical to our future.

Contribute to the state of our craft by sharing your opinion on the most innovative research companies, while learning about the newest methodologies while you’re at it.

CLICK HERE to participate in the GRIT innovation survey and receive your copy of the output report.

Re!Think How your Brand’s Channel Strategy Drives ROI

ARF Study on Diversifying Media Spend

What if we told you that you could increase your advertising ROI by 19%? According to a recent article in Advertising Age which analyzed findings that the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) released at its Re!Think 2016 conference, all you need to do is increase your advertising channels from one platform to two.

channel Graphic 4

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Brand Assets Drive Brand Growth


Hotspex shares cutting edge research on how brand assets and brand identity accelerate brand growth at the 2016 European Insights Innovation Exchange (IIeX) in Amsterdam

Our SVP of Research, Luke Austin, and CEO, Shane Skillen, had the honor of running a brand building workshop in Amsterdam at this year’s Insight Innovation Exchange (IIeX), hosted by GreenBook. With the 2 key themes of the event being – ‘Getting Future Focused’ and ‘Delivering on the Promise’, Hotspex presented some in-depth insights about how brands can evolve and grow into the future, while ensuring that they stay relentlessly consistent to their purpose and promise.

If you weren’t able to make it to our workshop in Amsterdam this past week, no worries, we’re pleased to bring you up to speed…

Read More

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  • Main: +1.416.487.5439
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