Global Oral Care Brand Restages Portfolio
and Launches 6 Months Ahead of Plan

Business Challenge

An Insights leader at a North American brand was promoted to a global oral care brand and was looking to build her credibility with new stakeholders, quickly.

She was looking to asses and explore the global oral care brand’s current line-up and packaging to confidently restage and define the new direction of this brand’s global business.

Given Hotspex’s expertise of measuring packaging in context, a comprehensive shelf audit was conducted across the portfolio, using Hotspex’s virtual online shopping environment.

Conducting the audit virtually through Hotspex’s online tool allowed the brand to extensively explore placements across different regions and retailers, and also helped manage costs as it is both fast and easy to use.

This front-end shelving and packaging audit helped:

1. Influence overall package artwork and structure for each variant;

2.Led to simplification of benefit communication on pack on largest POC;

3.Guided the brands good-better-best mentality in the line-up through key driving cues;

The team had concrete insights into the most effective branding and individual trademarks for each product.The results of the virtual placement were so decisive that the directors were clear on the most effective product lineup and the individual product’s in-store placement.

This accelerated the launch of the restage six months ahead of schedule which was the key highlight of our insights leader’s first year in her new role.

To ensure we meet our goal of Zero Risk to Research Project Tolerance, we deploy the Hotspex Way, that is a proprietary process that ensures that we exceed client expectations by bringing a strategic perspective to everything we do. This process allows us to ensure:

    • Responsive and intelligent customer service

    • On-time deliverables

    • Deep understanding our client’s business, challenges and industry

    • Our clients increase their value to their company

    • Client workload is minimized so they can handle the demands of client-side insights role

“I knew I could rely on Hotspex’s innovative tools and approaches, along with your amazing consultations to deliver incredible learnings to my new global stakeholders. You know I think the world of you, but I never could have imagined that this work would end up influencing our global portfolio restage as much as it have. We ended up trademarking the brand assets we identified through your brand identity tool and the insights from the work were so clear, impactful, and actionable, that we launched 6 months ahead of schedule!”
Director of Insights, Global Oral Care