Hotspex, voted by clients as the most innovative insights firm in North America two years in a row and now #6 globally, has announced several new innovations that expand their industry-leading expertise in virtual behavioural observation methodologies.

These new offerings allow you to gain insight and advantage through even more stages of the consumer shopping journey.

  1. 3D Eyespex is an innovation to Hotspex’s growing suite of virtual shopping tools. It is an evolution of attention at shelf tracking that builds upon industry-leading virtual shopping behavioral observation.

    It identifies breakthrough and attention on shelf in an environment that mimics the actual shopping experience in a more realistic manner while remaining valid, reliable, and scalable.

    This evolution is timely, as face to face (F2F) research continues to be challenged given the current global restrictions.
  2. Shopper-led shelf design methodology is a data-driven design methodology to rationalize and optimize shelf design and planograms using the voice of the consumer.

    In addition to determining the placement of new SKUs to optimize category and brand performance, it can be used to drive base business growth by helping optimize current planograms.
    These shopper-designed planograms have proven out in testing, delivering brand and category growth superior to those designed through conventional processes.
  3. Evaluating packaging within eCommerce environments: Building on the industry-leading virtual shopping behavioural observation tools we have been using for in-store learning journeys, we have evolved our eCommerce product to provide insight into how packaging imagery performs within different eCommerce environments.

    Using realistic eCommerce sights (including Amazon) allows you to test and optimize your breakthrough on category and search results pages as well as improving your ability to close the deal once consumers land on your product page.

In fact, to Hotspex launched a line of pomades ( to help men move forward with confidence and also helped Hotspex learn how dramatically increase effectiveness on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms for our clients, while also creating empathy for what their clients go through in launching new products in online environments.

Hotspex continues to invest heavily in developing innovation within the realm of virtual observation given the importance of observing real consumer behaviour.

If you are interested in learning more about how to apply these tools to your research, please let us know.