Practical Brand Building Tips, inspired by the burgeoning gin sector

October 2019
London, UK
Michael J. Dorr, Managing Director – Hotspex UK

Last week, Hotspex UK had the pleasure of hosting our inaugural brand building webinar, on the refreshing topic of gin.   I promise this is the 1st of many webinars to come, with the underlying theme of practical tips/guidance for brand building!

So why gin? Well…

  • Branding & distinctiveness are major drivers in this image-driven space

Three overarching principles are outlined in the webinar…

These brand-building principles (while easy in concept) represent a major challenge for many brands.   By applying our framework of human personality and emotion, we empower brand owners in a detailed, agile & cost-efficient way.
Our “Ginnovation” webinar was created to act as a helpful guide for insights professionals and marketers, with the main takeaways being applicable to any category.

A brand that we see following these brand-building principles is Channel 4, particularly with their recent Complaints Welcome campaign.  This is truly a brand that knows its strengths, knows what makes it distinct and they have effectively (and wryly) executed an evocative and memorable ad.

Kudos to Channel 4 and their in-house creative team 4Creative.

If you have ~20 minutes to spare, please watch the webinar.

Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar.  And a special thanks to the Hotspex team (spanning our London and Toronto offices) who helped in creating the webinar content!

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