Hotspex UK was pleased to share the stage with global video capture specialists LivingLens at Marketing Week’s Insight Show on March 6th in London. At an event that brought together leaders from the increasingly collaborative insight and marketing worlds (via the neighbouring MW Live), it was fitting that we were able to share the benefits of our collaboration with LivingLens, our client Sky Italia and, most centrally, the consumer (in this case, the Italian TV watching public).

Looking across the MW Live and Insight Show conferences, we observed three key themes, that reflected a growing zest for collaboration!

1.Fusing methods & techniques to capture the complete picture

In opening our session (“A Brand Health Conversation”), we were keen to share the value of fusing the rational thoughts that consumers may state they feel about a brand, with their implicit brand perceptions, holistic emotional profiling and actual behaviour. We believe, this fusing of methods provides us (and our clients) with a complete view of consumer behaviour.

Other sessions spoke to the value of fusing traditional and new sophisticated techniques to reach deeper, more holistic understanding. For example, Neuro-Insight (UK) and Mindshare’s research on smart speakers used both rational stated preference and neuro techniques such as LTME measurement (Long-term Memory Encoding) to reveal some surprising insights about brand voice. Studying the implicit reactions of people listening to smart speakers (programmed with either male or female voices), findings revealed that older males may prefer their smart device to speak to them as a female voice, BUT unconsciously they tend to take in more information when the voice is male (… perhaps something you may see a parallel with in your own domestic life!)

With all these new methods / techniques at our disposal, we have unprecedented opportunity to design strategic and impactful research for our clients.

2.The importance of storytelling

While leading-edge methodologies undoubtedly have immense value, a really strong theme across the conference was the need to land insights in a compelling way to drive action.

This need (to bring insights to life) is a key facet of our LivingLens collaboration for clients such as Sky Italia. The idea is to have iterative ‘Brand Conversations’ with Italian consumers to understand and showcase how (and most importantly “why?”) they feel the way they do about Sky and the wider TV market.

Video is a powerful storytelling device – it is inherently consumer-centric! Video also helps us capture and assess cues such as; consumers’ tone, pace, style, expression, as well as the surrounding environment:

“People are not scores or statements. We were able to create showreels to put top management in front of people so it was much easier to convince them”

Sara Petrulio, Sky Italia [Full video available below]

We can learn a lot from our marketing counterparts who lead the way in harnessing those video storytelling principles. Jon Mowat, MD of Hurricane spoke passionately about the power of video storytelling to build a strong connection with a given target audience. When we see a good story our brain waves connect with the narrator and we engage more deeply with the visual and spoken messages we are given. The presentation cited Nicola Mendelsohn VP EMEA Facebook as an influential voice on video’s growing primacy;

“The future is video, video video”

Nicola Mendelsohn VP EMEA Facebook

3.The Power of speed and flexibility

Catherine Haigh and Philip Cox of Premier Foods shared how they use a range of sources to move quickly through the innovation process, allowing one of Britain’s largest food brand businesses to remain agile and ahead of the competition. Similarly, Hurricane explained the value of deploying different length and styles of video content to flex to the varying needs at different stages of the brand funnel.

For our clients, we find the cost effective speed and flexibility of a video brand conversation to be invaluable. Whether captured in-survey for Sky Italia and flexed to cover different topics/audiences, OR captured qualitatively and then quickly mined to pinpoint key themes to build our video insight stories as soon as the conversation ends.

This need for agile, cost-effective solutions is industry wide. Such that we continue to collaborate and innovate both internally, and with our partners and clients to find new approaches and technologies to be smarter, faster, better.

We look forward to growing the scope of our collaborations by bringing together client expertise, specialist partners and quality insight with consumers at the heart. Emotion goes far beyond the spoken word, so its time to do more than champion only the voice of the consumer and to uncover their attitude, expression, environment and emotions in wider context.

You can see and hear more from Sky Italia about how to bring brand insights to life and harness the power of consumer brand conversations by watching our session here.

by Rob Kitchen, Director – Hotspex UK