The NEW Marketing Laws of Growth – Lunch and Learn

Session Overview:

Consumer packaged goods marketers, as well as their retail and agency partners, are facing some very challenging headwinds. Technology is driving fundamental changes to consumer behavior faster than ever and is reshaping every industry.

As a result, several brands are facing declining top line sales and losing market share to smaller, more agile “ankle biters” while agencies deal with the rapid shift to digital ads and retailers revaluate their strategies. To further complicate matters, marketers and their partners are trying to do more with less in the face of budget cuts and zero-based budgeting.

In response to these challenges, the “Laws of Growth”, from Byron Sharp’s How Brands Grow, have become ubiquitous within most leadership brand building organizations.

Growth comes from increasing penetration through gaining physical and mental availability, which is achieved by making your brand distinctive. Marketers and their agencies are trying to understand how to make their brands more distinct to build mental availability and grow share.

Yet marketers are spending $500 billion on advertising globally with hundreds of people working on each brand across dozens of countries and multi-channel communication touch points.


Thus, there is always a variety of brand elements that are in play (colors, logos, icons, textures, shapes, sounds, claims, etc.). How do you know what to prioritize? How do you know when it is time to make changes to your brand strategy, advertising campaign, or packaging?

Hotspex, voted among the most innovative global insights consultancies for 3 years in a row in Greenbook’s Research Industry Trends Report, will share in-market examples of how brands are leveraging both behavioral and marketing sciences to accelerate brand growth. These examples will provide you with insight, ideas, and inspiration on how to make your brand more distinct and find new avenues of brand growth.

Whether you are a marketer, an insights professional, a sales leader, or an agency planner, this talk will be highly relevant to how you manage your brand and its touch points.

Desired Learning Outcomes:

Key learnings that you will be able to implement immediately:

  • How other leading global companies are applying the Laws of Growth to accelerate brand growth by making their brands more distinct
  • How to deploy and align multi-functional teams and agency partners around making your brands truly distinctive and coherent to improve ROI on your communications
  • How you can help your stakeholders and agency partners determine which brand assets to prioritize, evolve, or replace across your marketing touchpoints
  • Fresh and innovative insights, ideas, and inspiration to apply to your strategy and marketing

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