Get prepared for disruptive innovation in TV and digital advertising.

These Screen Matchmakers are introducing new tools and tech that bring TV and digital media closer together, enhancing advertising budgets and delivering better ROI for brands. Attend ACA’s executive forum for a glimpse at the future of media buying.

MRC CEO, George Ivie will set the stage, explaining how the ad industry can pursue the seemingly contradictory objectives of innovation and standardization. Through the years, the MRC has seen new tech go from nascent to adoption to standardization under MRC audit and accreditation. You never know where the next big thing will come from.

Our next speaker,T.S. Kelly, will introduce attendees to groundbreaking advancements from Alphonso.TV that combine smart TV data with mobile listening technology to provide advertisers with deep, real-time data for their TV buys, and the ability to retarget viewers online.

Plus, hear how matching the contextual tone of an ad with the emotional tone of the content boosts effectiveness. Hotspex CEO Shane Skillen will explain how Hotspex integrated its emotional and behavioural science approach with Google’s Deep Learning Knowledge Graph to target advertising based on context and serve people the right digital ads at the right time. Now working with N-Logic, Hotspex is able to deliver the same cognitive media targeting capabilities for television

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The Screen Matchmakers – TV & Digital Find A Connection