Author: Shane Skillen
CEO, Hotspex


Join us for 30 minutes on Tuesday March 27, 2018 at 12 pm EST to learn to how to improve your advertising and innovation pipeline. Can’t make it? No worries, we will send all registrants a link to the recording.

HOTSPEX will share the innovative journey of how they blended behavioral science and Google technology to improve advertising efficiency.

This webinar is focused on using innovation and efficiency, so in the spririt of efficiency, HOTSPEX plans to give you 30 minutes of your day back by completing this webinar in only 30 minutes.

Also, since this exciting webinar will take place at 12pm EST, HOTSPEX has offered to send a $15 Uber Eats gift certificate to each person* that joins the webinar live!

Whether you are a client or a supplier, this webinar will provide you with ideas that you can immediately apply to help you address the concerns that are top of mind for all CMOs: managing through digital disruption and delivering incremental media efficiency.

HOTSPEX will share the journey it undertook to integrate its behavioral science expertise with Google’s machine learning to launch a digital innovation that significantly improves media ROI.

This journey started after a round of CMO interviews that HOTSPEX conducted revealed many lessons.  In their webinar, they will share the most salient ones so that you can apply them to your own insights journey and solution development.

This new solution has been called the “future of advertising” and received WARC coverage at the recent Insights Innovation Exchange conference in Amsterdam.

Click here for a recording of the webinar.  You will learn how:

  • Client-side researchers and suppliers like HOTSPEX can have significant impact on the largest CMO budget item: media.
  • HOTSPEX was able to blend behavioral science expertise with Google technology to create a breakthrough innovation.
  • You can help your CMO sleep better at night by understanding what is top of mind for him or her and what you can do about it.