Author: Shane Skillen
CEO, Hotspex


The Challenge

We interviewed several CMOs to understand what’s keeping them up at night. It was clear that there was an inordinate amount of pressure on CMOs to demonstrate impact and return on their marketing activity.

So much so that, in some cases, the role of CMO has been renovated and repositioned to Chief Growth Officer. With $1 trillion spent globally in advertising, the biggest opportunity for CMOs to have impact is to ensure that their media investments are most efficiently building brands and driving purchase intent.

Our Solution

Hotspex worked with Google to integrate Hotspex’s emotional and behavioral science with Google’s Deep Learning Knowledge Graph to target advertising based on context to serve people the right ads at the right time.

The hypothesis was that when ads are aligned with the content in which they run, viewers will be more engaged and less annoyed, leading to better viewing experiences (less annoying) and increased ROI on advertising.

Hotspex and Google ran an extensive A/B pilot test with over 1 billion impressions on YouTube Video across 5 leading global brands to test this hypothesis.

The Impact

Overall, this approach increased media effectiveness by at least 10% in each of the 7 pilots. This included average skip rate dropping by 18%, Click Through Rate increasing by 18%, Brand Lift increasing 65% and Purchase Intent growing 71%.

Several of the clients from our pilots suggested that the results were “explosive” and  media buyers have called Hotspex Cognitive Media Targeting the “future of advertising”.

What About Your Brand?

If you’d like to learn more about how this technology could improve your reach quality, Hotspex would be happy to set up a demo and show you how this technology could provide you with a high-quality targeting package that goes beyond brand safety and creates brand opportunity.

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