Live at IIeX Europe in Amsterdam Feb 19, 2018

Shane Skillen, CEO of Hotspex, interviewed CMOs of Fortune 1000 Companies and the central theme he came across was that they are all looking for innovative ways to improve their Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) to grow brands.Â

It’s no surprise as some Wall Street Analysts have $1 trillion as the annual amount spent on advertising. CMOs are on the hook to maximize this massive marketing investment and even small improvements can have significant effects on business outcomes. And if this wasn’t challenging enough, the privacy protection laws soon to be instituted by the EU (GDPR) will make targeting specific people even more challenging. A new solution is required.

Hotspex and Google (the world’s largest digital advertising platform) partnered to develop a revolutionary new solution that uses Google’s AI-Powered Knowledge Graph and Hotspex’s Human Motivation Mapping to target people with ad messages when they are in the right mood. When ads are aligned to content using behavioural science, magic truly happens. Â

Across banking, CPG, automotive, retail, and several other industry verticals, Hotspex’s Cognitive Media Targeting has resulted in better viewing experiences for consumers and significantly more impactful advertising with ad recall, click-through rates, and purchase intent all showing very significant lifts.

The solution is a Software as a Service model, so it’s easily and cost-effectively deployed. Client-side research leaders and agency professionals can use current research (segmentations, ad tests, pack tests, concept tests, ethnographies, etc.) to calibrate the Cognitive Media algorithm. This then results in a targeting package that any brand or media agency can load into Double Click or Ad Words to unleash the benefits of Cognitive Media Targeting.Â

Come learn about the future of advertising so that you can be in the know and have something impactful that you can immediately bring back to your organization. As insights professionals we need to know enough about media to be dangerous, as for many brands, media is the key growth enabler.Â

We look forward to seeing you at this talk at IIeX Europe 2018 in Amsterdam. If you can’t join the talk but are interested in seeing the video, reach out to us at