Hotspex is happy to announce its new lunch and learn designed to help marketers and insights professionals apply the latest behavioral and marketing sciences and a store-back mentality to win at the First Moment of Truth (FMOT). We will share cases and examples of how we’ve helped global brands grow their base businesses by understanding the ‘Feel, Do, Think’ paradigm shift of shopper-based design.

Why marketers and insights leaders should attend:

Mention Shopper Based Design or First Moment of Truth and the first associations that come to mind are distribution and price, which influence the physical availability and revenue management of your brands. Yet, what is often overlooked is that the store and retail environment context play a significant role in building mental availability for the brand. In the face of communications and media disruption, in-store touch points have become critical in building and reinforcing associations and assets that make your brands distinct, coherent, and mentally available.

What you’ll learn:

We are strong proponents of brand building that happens in a holistic manner, unifying both shopper and consumer understanding across all touch points. That said, we recognize the need to customize this lunch and learn for different teams (i.e. marketing, consumer insights, shopper insights and category management).

Here are a few of the types of stories and lessons we can share…

  1. How to balance the needs of the consumer, brand, and retailer – developing customer sell-in stories to ensure your brand and category are growing through the right planogram assortment and layout, including in-aisle, end-aisle, and dual placements.
  2. How to balance the trade-off between strong brand block visibility and varietal findability.
  3. How to know when it’s time to re-stage your packaging on your base business and how to then leverage behavioral and marketing science to figure out what to say and convey.
  4. How to manage the tension point of maintaining relevance in a changing world while staying true to your brand’s roots.
  5. How to apply a store-back mindset to ensure that you’re maintaining distinctiveness in a coherent way while working with multiple agencies across multiple touch points.

How you’ll learn it:

  1. The Science: A quick overview to link some How Brands Grow lessons and behavioral science principles specifically to winning at that first moment of truth.
  2. The Practical Application of this Science: Several case studies that demonstrate how these principles can be used to win at shelf and drive growth.
  3. The Methodologies: A deeper dive into innovative approaches using implicit/explicit measurement and behavioral tools.


How to Sign Up:

If you think your insights and/or marketing team would be interested in this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Author: Jonathan La Greca

About Hotspex: Voted among the top global insights consultancies for 4 years in a row, Hotspex is working with 15 of Top 20 advertisers in over 30 countries to apply cutting edge behavioral and marketing sciences. We apply System 1 implicit and System 2 explicit measurement in a holistic manner to uncover conscious and non-conscious drivers to understand WHY consumers behave the way they do.

From there, we apply marketing sciences, including the Laws of Growth, to help marketers determine HOW to apply consumer understanding to accelerate brand growth across a variety of brand strategy, communications, and shopper-based design challenges.