Our team is very excited about the upcoming 2017 Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) conference!

We are proud to have four different speaking and facilitation engagements at this year’s Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) conference, themed ‘Unlocking the Future of Insights’.

  1. Our Chief Behavioral Scientist, Dr. Dan Young, will be sharing his key learnings from 30 years of P&G behavioural science expertise in the closing keynote speech;
  2. Our CEO, Shane Skillen, will be running a session with Joe Amati, Associate Director of Insights & Planning, Kellogg’s Canada, on how to leverage distinctive brand assets to drive brand growth;
  3. Our Executive Vice-President, Gera Nevolovich, will be sharing the latest applications of behavioural science to drive brand growth in the talk,  “Separating the BS from Behavioural Science“; and
  4. Our Vice-President of Strategic Growth, Jonathan La Greca, will be running guided mindfulness breaks to make sure conference participants are able to take in and store all of this exciting information!

Here is the full agenda for the event – we look forward to seeing you there!

About Hotspex: Voted among the top global insights consultancies for 4 years in a row, Hotspex is working with 15 of Top 20 advertisers in over 30 countries to apply cutting edge behavioural and marketing sciences. We apply System 1 implicit and System 2 explicit measurement in a holistic manner to uncover conscious and non-conscious drivers to understand WHY consumers behave the way they do.

From there, we apply marketing sciences, including the Laws of Growth, to help marketers determine HOW to apply consumer understanding to accelerate brand growth across a variety of brand strategy, communications, and shopper-based design challenges.