MRS Impact 2017: Conference Recap

Author: Michael Dorr, Sr. Vice President

Spring was in the air in London last week (in very stark contrast to the stormy/winter weather we’ve had in Toronto) and that feeling of rebirth and optimism was very present at the Market Research Society’s annual conference: Impact 2017.

The conference’s provocative tagline Are you Future Fit? asks an important question for market research professionals, our clients, and consumers in general.  The topic of future proofing is especially topical, given our industry’s poor track record in 2016 at predicting outcomes.

Some constructive solutions for more accurate foresight were presented…

  • Continuous / agile research: avoid the 1-time “testing” mentality
  • Prototyping of ideas helps take a concept to a possible reality
  • Foresight is not always a consumer-led process (i.e. secondary research, experts and trends may be the right way to lead your future proofing initiative)

More broadly speaking, one topic at MRS Impact this year really inspired me: Gender Equality. And how better to demonstrate this than have half of all this year’s conference speakers be women (kudos MRS!).  The topic of inclusivity was woven throughout the conference and I wanted to share with you some of my observations…

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