Aron Galonsky has been hired as Managing Director of US business.

Aron’s role includes oversight of the US business, thought leadership, and the sustained development and strengthening of product and service offerings.  He brings a wealth of experience to the organization, having held research and consulting leadership roles most recently at Interbrand, Harris Interactive and TNS prior to that.

Aron will report to CEO Shane Skillen, who shared the following about why the team is so excited to have him join:

“Aron’s diverse experience, including growing research businesses, building world class teams, developing products, and training in behavioral and cognitive sciences, makes him the right person to accelerate our brand building presence in the US.”

We are all very excited to have Aron join the Hotspex team!

If you’re interested in connecting with Aron, feel free to send him an email.



Author: Jonathan La Greca

Voted among the top global insights consultancies for 3 years in a row, Hotspex is working with 15 of Top 20 advertisers in over 30 countries because we leverage the most innovative approaches from behavioral sciences, combining System 1 and System 2 measures to truly understand WHY consumer behave the way they do. We then apply marketing sciences, such as the Laws of Growth, to help you find out HOW to apply your insights in an actionable way to build distinct and coherent brands that accelerate growth.