Can you identify some of these brands? Why are some of them so easy to recognize?

What is a Distinctive Brand Asset?

Distinctive Brand Assets are consistent sensory & semantic cues that make it easier for consumers to identify your brand and recall the associations related to it.

Dr. Dan Young,
Hotspex, Chief Behavioral Scientist, Ph. D, Cognitive Psychologist, 30-year P&G Veteran

Any element within your brand identity that is unmistakably recognized as belonging to your brand and elicits associations that are “on-brand” is a Distinctive Brand Asset. These include and are not limited to colors, shapes, scents, sounds, tastes, textures, fonts, taglines, packaging, product, logo, claims, tone of voice, brand characters, and celebrity endorsers.



Why are Distinctive Brand Assets important to you and your Marketing team?

Most global leadership brand building organizations are trying to implement Byron Sharp’s “Laws of Growth” in order to build distinctive brands.

Thriving brands know that consistently activating their Distinctive Brand Assets across all marketing touch points builds and reinforces memory structures, creating mental availability for their brands.

Distinctive Brand Assets drive brand growth by improving brand linkage in your advertising, while making your brand more familiar, easier to find, and easier to buy!

Want to find out what your brand’s Distinctive Brand Assets are?

How distinctive is your brand? What are its Distinctive Brand Assets?

Hotspex, working with many of the top 20 global advertisers across 30 countries, is an expert in measuring Distinctive Brand Assets and mental availability. Leverage our proprietary tools and expertise to leverage your brand assets and brand identity to accelerate growth.

Contact us if you would like the opportunity to test 2 of your brand’s assets (i.e. brand color, font, logo, brand character, etc.) for free as part of an internal R&D study.

Authors: Jonathan La Greca


Jonathan La Greca
Hotspex, Vice-President, Strategic Growth & Brand Building