Hotspex has recently launched a set of Quick Turnaround Tools to help you get quick reads on research questions you didn’t get to address yet this year. In some cases, we can deliver consumer feedback overnight!

If there are research questions that you need to answer by the end of the year or need a quick turnaround in the New Year, you may want to use our Quick Turnaround Tools.

Some of the possibilities:

  • Brand Profiling: Identify the emotional profile of a brand (overnight turnaround)
  • Pack Screening: Screen several pack designs to optimize and enhance your packaging
    (2 week turnaround and shorter turnaround pilot projects available)
  • Ad Optimization: Optimize an advertisement or campaign by examining how it does against the 10 indicators of in-market success (5 day turnaround)

Interested? Let’s explore some possibilities together. Click here to connect with our team.