We believe that research professionals should proactively lead their organizations to drive business results and create thriving brands.

Here are 3 of the most successful habits we have observed with some brilliant brand builders:

  1. Brand Builders Translate Data and Insights into Smarter Strategic Decisions: One of the main reasons we wake up excited to go to work (most days) is the opportunity to collaborate with wildly intelligent and talented people. The most successful insights professionals and marketers have a proactive attitude towards identifying growth opportunities for their organization. It’s not about the data or the insights, but rather, using those data and insights to make marketing decisions that will help grow their businesses and build their brands.
  1. Brand Builders Proactively Lead the Organization: The best relationships between marketing and consumer insights/knowledge teams arise when the insights team proactively identify opportunities to help marketers grow their businesses and build their brands. This type of relationship is built on trust and teamwork. Ultimately, the research team is not just reacting to marketing requests, it is leading the charge of brand building within the organization.
  2. Brand Builders Create Learning Journeys: The best brand builders don’t use research to test and validate, instead, they use it to create true learning that inspires brand growth. Rather than test a final ad or packaging design with a pass/fail mentality, learning is acquired during the earlier phase of creative design. This allows for the iteration and optimization of ideas that leads to reduced spending of non-marketing dollars, and increased speed to market.

The common thread across these 3 habits is that the most successful insights professionals are not reactively fulfilling research requests from marketing. Instead, they are leading the organization by providing learning that results in better marketing decisions and brand growth. What are you going to do differently in 2016 to be a successful brand builder in your organization?