With all the excitement around implicit, is explicit measurement dead?

With implicit tools to tap into unconscious processing, we’ve moved light years ahead in connecting with, understanding, and predicting consumer behavior.

Implicit tools can provide us with unique insight into the unconscious processes that drive consumer behavior by measuring thoughts they may not even know they have – so-called “System 1” processes.

So with all the excitement around System 1, does this mean explicit measurement is dead? No, we don’t think so. While we share in the excitement around deepening our understanding of System 1, we believe it is important to remember that System 1 and 2 are working simultaneously to influence decision making and ensuing behaviors. To understand human behavior and motivation, it is important for us to leverage both implicit and explicit techniques.

It is a very exciting time for the insights community.  The key to extracting value from new implicit tools is to allow the business question to guide how these techniques can complement explicit measurement to provide invaluable insight into the elusive processes underlying human behavior. Leveraging these powerful techniques must maximize our ability to create actionable insights and craft stories that drive impact above all else!

Hotspex recently delivered a presentation on this cutting-edge topic at the inspiring IIeX nonconscious consumers Forum on November 14th, 2016.

We would be happy to share our presentation with you or run a lunch and learn with your team to help them start thinking about how they can apply the latest cognitive and behavioral sciences to build mental availability and accelerate brand growth – email us at brandbuilders@hotspex.com


Lead Author: Shannon RileyJonathan La Greca, Gera Nevolovich